About CTCA and Our Objectives

The Connecticut Town Clerks Association is a tight-knit, networking organization dedicated to the promotion and education of its members. The Association runs its own conferences and educational classes and offers basic and advanced state certifications, all of which are second to none.


Founded in 1915, and incorporated in 1956, the association is driven by the town clerks, assistants, and deputies who volunteer their time and energy to the association’s committees and drive the success of the organization.


The objectives of the CTCA have always been:

  • To promote a better understanding of the official duties and obligations of its members
  • To promote the education of its members by making available programs, seminars, workshops and educational materials to provide basic and advanced courses to improve the standards of practice of the Town Clerk’s Office
  • To encourage, insofar as possible, uniform methods of procedure within the municipalities of Connecticut
  • To promote the cause of good government in municipalities within the State of Connecticut To cooperate with Federal, State and Municipal officials in carrying out the provisions of law
  • To perform such other duties as may best serve the interests of the public
  • To promote a spirit of cooperation among the members